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Beagle Name Bracket Challenge

So, since sports has been a large part of my life and tournaments come right along with that, I figured I would put all the names we’ve sort of thrown out for the new puppy into a bracket and see how they match up.

UPDATE: so, some people have had some trouble with the bracket. Here’s what you do:

  • click the link below
  • click ” Championship Bracket”
  • click “Predict It” (i think?)
  • then radio buttons should show up where you can select your choices
  • click “enter” when you have each round picked

UPDATE 2: Well, it looks like you have to register to be able to fill out the bracket online. If you don’t want to take the time, simply look at the name matchups (i.e. – Baylee v. Dinger, Easton v. Dixie, etc) and determine which like better in the “tournament” until you get to only one name left.

Beagle Name Bracket Challenge

Have some fun with it. Feel free to come on back here and let me know which name won your bracket.


  1. Jesse Land

    My bracket was a Cinderella story, with the lowly 13 seed coming out on top. Easton was the winner of my bracket, taking down the mighty #1 seed Baylee in the Final Four. This semi-final was really the final in my book, as the other bracket didn’t have many names I liked. If Baylee had held up her end of the deal and won, I wouldn’t have been disappointed; I like that name too. I hope this helps you guys determine the ever important name for the new addition to the family.

    P.S. who would ever name their dog “Dinger?” That sounds inappropriate!

  2. Jamon Abercrombie

    a baseball player, of course. now if it was ding-a-ling … then we’re talking inappropriate 🙂

  3. Donna Petersen

    She is adorable so name her Dorie.

  4. Debbi A Fann

    I have never played a “Bracket” before and could not get it to work, but since I am the materanl grandmother…I want to be in on naming our new grand daughter. Most of those names just didnt match up with this precious picture of her so my only choice that I could imagine looking into those dark brown eyes is “Baby Daisy Abercrombie”.
    Cant wait to meet her,
    Grandma Deb

  5. Jamon Abercrombie

    @Donna – i couldn’t do Dorie. reminds me too much of the ellen degeneres fish in Nemo ???

    Jordan’s bracket came out with Copper
    Taylor’s bracket came out with KC
    My bracket came out with KC

    Leaders as of 7/8 (11:40)

    KC – 2
    Copper – 1
    Daisy – 1
    Easton – 1

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