Jamon Abercrombie



Here are some self-recorded songs from my band ‘autumnSoul’ in 2002. I founded and led the band ‘autumnSoul’ from 1999 until the band’s official separation around 2004.

Admittedly the recorded version of these songs are really close to awful. Rob, Clifton, Scott (and Chatman when he played) were great guys to play with. We were pretty good when we led live worship and did concerts around the region. I wanted to try to capture some of what we did before our time ran out, so that’s what follows – 8 songs (among about 120) that I wrote or co-wrote and that these guys trusted me enough for them to learn and be heard playing them.

Don’t cringe too hard as you listen … you’re face might stay that way!   🙂

Free Refills – Abercrombie – details


Oklahoma Wildflowers – Rayden Hollis/Abercrombie – details


White Sands – Abercrombie – details


Halo – Abercrombie – details


We Will Remember – Abercrombie – details


Boulevard to Mexico – Abercrombie – details


Come Down – Abercrombie – details


God in a Box – Rusty Gunn/Rayden Hollis/Abercrombie – details



This is a clip from a youth worship service in Kansas City during the summer of 2006 at Nall Avenue Baptist Church.
Just me and my 1st guitar (Ol’ Red or Washy [since it’s a Washburn]). Man, what was I thinking with that mic sock?

Here’s a clip from a youth worship service in Memphis during the summer of 2008 at Forest Hill Community Church.